Fortnite Impostors Map: Full Details

Image provided by Epic Games.
Image provided by Epic Games. /

It’s no secret that 2018’s “Among Us” has made an explosive resurgence during 2020, sparking all sorts of memes and spiritual successors in the Party game genre. However, Fortnite has recently entered the fray with their own take on the mafia-styled game, named “Imposters.” Here are the details about the new map introduced for this new game mode.

Fortnite Impostors Map: Full Details

Among Us follows a simple premise, which Fortnite’s new mode has drawn inspiration from. In a ship full of human crewmates, one of them is a shape-shifting alien who’s out to get the rest of the crew. In the case of Fortnite, there are now two imposters, and it takes place in the IO base following the events of Season 5 and 6.

The map is reminiscent of Among Us’s “The Skeld,” with narrow hallways and far-out rooms that make it easy to be isolated from one another. Chock-full of fun, little easter eggs from past seasons and the inner-workings of the island, this map is sure to be a blast for anyone who plays.

Here are the locations of the new Imposters map:

  • The Bridge
  • Food Court
  • Weapons Lab
  • CSI
  • Mainintence
  • Supply Drop Factory
  • Office
  • Security
  • Battle Bus Repair
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Science Lab
  • Island Control
  • Storm Monitoring
  • Loop Control

Just like in Among Us, there are different tasks to do at each location, depending on what the player is assigned. Remember, in order for the Agents to win, all tasks must be completed or both Imposters must be voted out.