Fortnite in Junk Junction: Where to Find Fortbyte 8

Fortnite in Junk Junction is the location of Saturday's Fortbyte, Fortbyte 8.

Season 9 of Fortnite has brought a brand new objective for players to complete. Fortbytes are small pieces of data that are scattered around the map. A new Fortbyte becomes available almost every day.

Saturday's (5/18/2019) Fortbyte release is Fortbyte 8. So where is it located on the map?

Fortnite In Junk Junction: Where To Find Fortbyte 8

Fortbyte 8 is located in Junk Junction. Approach the main building in the center of Junk Junction. Enter and turn to the right. The Fortbyte is sitting on top of a bed.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Epic Games