Fortnite Infernum: How to Complete the Featured Map

Fortnite Infernum is a Creative map players can try in the Featured section
Fortnite Infernum is a Creative map players can try in the Featured section /

Fornite Infernum is a Creative map that Epic Games has chosen to feature as part of its Fortnitemares celebration. The map is a long and winding one, tasking players with navigating a hellish world full of zombies and platforming. Here's how to complete it.

Fortnite Infernum: How to Complete the Featured Map

Infernum is created by Fortnite player Wertandrew. After you drop into the map proper, head right out of the doorway until you find the Infinity Blade. Pull it out, then head left. You'll find a gate that can be destroyed with the sword — go ahead and do so. (You can choose to kill or ignore the zombies here.)

Follow the path up the stairs to another breakable gate. Go through and down the hall until you hit a rectangular arena. Smash the gate and use the purple jump pad to the next island. Take a right and take another purple launcher. Destroy the cube on that island, then head back and turn right up the stairs where a gate should have opened.

Go straight through the next gate and your sword will turn into a pair of guns. Consume the Shadow Stone on the pedestal before you to trigger a zombie attack. Fend off the zombies while you try to shoot the purple cube behind the gate on the opposite end of the arena. Once that cube is destroyed, the gate will open.

In the next arena you'll have to destroy three glowing orbs while zombies attack you. Once they're destroyed a hole in the floor will open for you to drop through. Head down the hall, then climb the branch leaning against the wall.

Forging ahead you'll find a large black wall. After a few seconds the wall will disappear and you''ll be launched into the air. Fight the giant monster by shooting its eye until it dies.

Take the air launchers to the next Shadow Stone and consume it, then break the gate with your pickaxe. Head up some stairs and pass another slew of zombies. Jump to each of the successive floating islands and keep pressing forward.

Eventually you'll find yourself in a hallway with black at the end. Run down the hall but stop short to avoid a trap. Backtrack a little and you'll find stairs heading down. Descend, then climb the boxes in the hall. Drop into the hole in their midsts.

There you'll find yourself in a boss battle. Kill the gold brute to unlock the path out. Search the outskirts of the basement area and you'll find an open door — head through.

Jump to the island in the lava, then climb its broken architecture to jump to the next. Climb that one, then jump to the next, and then the next. Drop down to the next platform, then turn right to jump across. One more jump and you'll find yourself in another arena. Consume the Shadow Stone to begin the fight. You'll have to destroy another couple of glowing orbs one at a time.

The second orb will create a bridge you can cross. Run down the hall, but turn at the end to face the zombie ambush from your side. Once they're dead, continue on your way through the now open door. At the end of the hall, jump up through a hole in the roof.

In the room with the giant skeleton monster, climb up onto its black-covered leg, then aim up at its head and start shooting the orb there. This will keep you safe from the zombies.

Once the head explodes, turn around and head back out toward the stairs you came in from, but turn right before you climb them. Turn right again through the doorway at the end of the chamber. Run through the red doorway. Search the chest at the end of the hall to open it, then drop into the golden pool.

In the last room, destroy the cube to win the level. Avoid the orange effect that glides across the room as it will deal damage to you. Once it's dead, head through the white doorway and keep going until you find the pumpkin in the last doorway.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games, Wertandrew