Fortnite July 6 is the date some Fortnite fans are prophesying a mass deletion of accounts to be replaced by new ones, erasing players' progress. But where did this rumor come from? And is there any merit to it? Here's what you need to know.

Fortnite July 6 Mess

This phenomenon is the result of the work of a Fortnite content creator known on YouTube as Landon. The YouTuber has made a series of videos building a sort of mythology in which the antagonist, a person named AntiSnow, is planning to delete the accounts of all Fortnite users July 6.

Landon's videos assert AntiSnow will do this by putting his own spin on the Fortnite update files that update with each patch, inserting his own script that will delete Fortnite accounts when players try to run the game.

As committed as Landon appears to be to this story, Fortnite players can likely relax a little bit. It's highly unlikely AntiSnow is an Epic Games employee with the access required to insert their own code into the game. It's not even clear AntiSnow is a real person at all.

As a result, it's highly unlikely a mass Fortnite account extermination will go down July 6. Players are safe to play as usual.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games