Fortnite Leaker Says Jinx Skin Coming in League of Legends 'Arcane' Crossover

Jinx may be coming to Fortnite.
Jinx may be coming to Fortnite. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends champion Jinx appears to be next in line for a Fortnite skin, according to a prominent Fortnite leaker.

The leaker in question, ShiinaBR, tweeted Friday that a skin for Jinx would be revealed next week as a tie-in to the upcoming League of Legends animated Netflix series "Arcane." That series, which is set in the League of Legends universe, is also scheduled to premiere next week — on Nov. 6, to be exact.

ShiinaBR's leaks are typically based on information found in Fortnite's files through data mining. This leak, however, comes with no Fortnite assets attached. It may be tied to an upcoming skin release from Twitch streamer The Grefg, who has previously said he would reveal a skin that was very important to him in this coming week, but that remains unconfirmed.

Jinx has become the de facto mascot for League of Legends, making her the face of the largest esport in the world. Now that she's also set to star in her own television show, her profile is only set to rise — and a Fortnite skin wouldn't hurt on that front, either. For now, the skin remains unconfirmed.