Fortnite Leaks Claim Dragon Ball Crossover Will Have Four Different Skins

Gohan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
Gohan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. / Image courtesy of Toei Animation

The latest rumor surrounding Epic Game's upcoming Fortnite crossover with Dragon Ball Z claims that it will include four different skins.

Recently, leaks began to surface surrounding the possibility of Fortnite's next anime crossover — with Dragon Ball Z. The collaboration may be a possible tie-in with the Dragon Ball series' next film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The original leaks came courtesy of known Fortnite leaker HYPEX and content creator Creeper, who pointed out that the collab could be happening around mid-late August, given that the movie's release date is Aug. 19 in the US.

Now, HYPEX (via Twitter user @MidaRado) has revealed that the possible crossover will include four different skins, though what these will be remains unclear.

Obvious characters would include Goku and Vegeta, but given the possible tie-in with the upcoming film, there's a high chance that the skins could also include Piccolo and Gohan.

The first leaks that surfaced regarding the crossover involved a new Creative Stamina Prop which looks suspiciously similar to the Capsules used in Dragon Ball. The prop even features an image that looks identical to the Capsule Corp logo.

So far, Epic Games has yet to confirm or deny the possibility of a Dragon Ball crossover heading to Fortnite. But, as always, it's important to remember that the information given thus far have come from leaks. Until official confirmation is given, there's no way of knowing how much will ring true.