Fortnite Major Mancake Skin Leaked

courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is coming soon, and Fortnite leakers discovered the next skin that players will be able to unlock for free in the upcoming update.

To celebrate the arrival of Fall Guys to the Epic Games Store as a free-to-play game, Epic Games released the cross-over event after teasing the collaboration between Fortnite and Fall Guys for a while.

Fortnite Major Mancake Skin Leaked

Major Mancake was previously released on Fortnite, but for the new season, Major Mancake is getting an upgrade that players can receive by completing the Fall Guys challenges for Epic Games Fortnite X Fall Guys collaboration. The Crown Clash event runs in Fall Guys until July 11 2022.

Players will have to complete various rounds to collect all the free Major Mancake skin, while also collecting other items through the process. Players must download Fall Guys and link their Epic Games account to unlock the gifts.

10 Fall Guys Rounds: Stacked! Spray

20 Fall Guys Rounds: Stacked With Love Emoticon

40 Fall Guys Rounds: Sweet Clementine Pickaxe

70 Fall Guys Rounds: Waffler Backbling

100 Fall Guys Rounds: Major Mancake Outfit

Rounds in Fall Guys are minigames you compete in during a full match. You do not need to win a match for the rounds to start, so start playing Fall Guys and get in as many rounds as possible to unlock the Major Mancake skin!

After completing the challenges, the Major Mancake skin should appear on your account if they are connected to the same Epic Games account.