Fortnite Map Changes: 3 Things We'd Like to See Different in Season 9

Fortnite map changes are a constant occurrence each season. It's one of the best things about Fortnite and gives the game a massive advantage over its competitors. Instead of having to design a new map or game mode, Fortnite just changes the existing map every season.

Season 8 of Fortnite brought a brand new volcano appear in the upper right corner and the addition of pirates and sun worshippers.

Fortnite Map Changes: 3 Things We'd Like to See Different in Season 9

Epic Games gets to try new things all the time and if they don't particularly work, they simply remove the item or idea and bring it back as a limited-time mode. Take airplanes which were introduced in Season 7, not the greatest idea for competitive play, eventually they were removed. Now, they're back in Air Royale Duos. Here are three things we want brought back or added to the map in Season 9.

1. Earthquake

The game is hinting at the Volcano exploding and destroying part of the map. They should take it a step further and act like an earthquake hit the world and split up and destroyed parts of the map. That way, Epic Games doesn't have to make a specific season on the map or add a new area. They simply need to revamp the whole map. That's much easier. Kinda.

2. Helicopters

We have had airplanes, Fortnite Ballers, hoverboards, four-wheelers, and a multitude of vehicles. The game needs another flying vehicle which can hold other teammates. The helicopter could be a fun addition for a short period of time. Maybe in just a LTM.

3. Dusty Divot Rebuilt

The hole where the meteor crashed has been there for multiple seasons and it needs a revamp. Dusty Divot is almost the center of the map and needs to be a more unique area. Maybe a spot that has multiple launching points. It could be a popular spot for multiple teams to stop in and launch toward a different part of the map.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games