Fortnite Map Update 7/30: Return of Sweaty Sands and More

Sweaty Sands returns with Fortnite map changes.
Sweaty Sands returns with Fortnite map changes. / Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite players are well accustomed to map changes throughout season progressions. Previous changes in Chapter 2 of Season 3 saw the Battle Royale map engulfed with water. On Thursday, new map changes went live and water levels changed yet again.

Find out everything about the new map changes in Fortnite below.

Fortnite Map Update: the Return of Sweaty Sands and More

Fortnite players were quick to notice a change in water levels. While the majority of changes were quite minor there are a few key ones.

Sweaty Sands

Players who drop at Sweaty Sands will be happy to discover the beach town is back in action as the waters have drastically receded. Previous updates saw massive flooding at the site reducing the viability of this landing location until now. Be on the lookout for a new gas station at Sweaty Sands as construction has finally finished.

Slurpy Swamp

Roads at Slurpy Swamp have now reappeared and the location is completely accessible by land. While the water levels are the biggest change at Slurpy Swamp be sure to be on the lookout for a funky basketball hoop that has gathered quite a bit of attention.

Camp Cod

Camp Cod is mostly back to normal as water levels have receded and chests are spawning again. Expect a fight if you land at any of these updated map locations as players are eager to encounter the new changes.