Fortnite Miles Morales, Green Goblin Skins Teased

Miles Morales and the Green Goblin are likely coming to Fortnite.
Miles Morales and the Green Goblin are likely coming to Fortnite. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Games appears to have teased skins for Miles Morales and the Green Goblin through a combination of in-game and online hints.

Several Spider-Man skins were added to Fortnite when it launched its third Chapter this past weekend, but Epic Games plans to expand the Spider-Man offerings, according to a blog post introducing Chapter 3.

"Look out for new Spideys (plus a few friends and foes) dropping into the Item Shop this season!" reads the blog post. That reference to friends and foes could refer to any character even tangentially related to Spider-Man given Epic's multi-year deal with Marvel, but in-game teasers provide a little more specificity.

Fortnite Chapter 3 added The Daily Bugle, the headquarters of the newspaper Peter Parker works for in the Marvel version of New York City, as a point of interest. Players investigating the new location have found page layouts with images of what appear to be the Green Goblin and a Spider-Man wearing a hoodie — one of Miles Morales' trademark costume touches.

Other images found by data miners appear to show Wolverine, Cyclops and Jubilee from X-Men, plus what could be the Norse god Loki. Jubilee is the only one of those characters who has not received a Fortnite skin in the past, suggesting she could also be in line for an in-game representation.

Epic Games has yet to confirm any of these skin releases, and the timeline remains unclear.