Fortnite Monster Event is the latest one-time only event in a long history of such spectacles. This latest was the culmination of suspicious rumblings in the frozen section of the map introduced in Season 7.

Fortnite Monster Event: What Happened?

The monster first appeared on the west coast of the map where it wreaked havoc on the landscape. It then lumbered its way east to the vault and began punching it. The mech appeared to its north and launched a series of missile at the monster, which returned fire with a green beam of some kind. The mech then tackled the monster all the way off the map.

After a brief respite, both returned from the ocean. The monster tore off one of the mech’s arms, but the mech managed to open the vault and grab some kind of glowing orb, which it used to punch the monster real hard. It then pulled a sword out of the ground, stabbed the monster in the head leaving its skeleton behind, flossed, saluted, and flew off into space.

All in all, it was pretty weird. Players will discover more specifics about how the map changed as time passes.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games