Fortnite Nitehare: How Much Does it Cost?

Fortnite Nitehare is the most recent skin to be leaked from the Fortnite game files.

Nitehare appears to be Fortnite's 2019 Easter Skin. The skin is somewhat frightening and is a stark contrast to the pleasant skins released last year.

The Nitehare skin was initially datamined by @ShiinaBR from the most recent Fortnite game files. Additional files were uncovered by Lucas7Yoshi that reveal the appearance of a new Pickaxe and Back Bling.

Here's a compiled image of everything uncovered in this Fortnite leak/datamine:


It's unclear exactly when these new items will be released to the Fortnite Item Shop, but it's expected they will either release on April 20 or April 21, Easter Day.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Epic Games