Fortnite Officially Bans the use of 'Pay-to-Win' Skins After Glitch

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

In the V 15.30 update, Fortnite nerfed the customized superhero skins so that you could no longer make your skins completely white or black. Or so we thought.

On Feb. 2, GlitchKing15 posted a video to Twitter on how to make "pay to win" skins even after the update. These skins were originally nerfed because many players complained that it was nearly impossible to see opponents in a dark room if they made their skin all white or black, giving them an unfair advantage. Hence the name "pay to win" skins.

Fortnite thought they fixed the problem by nerfing the skin, but obviously GlitchKing15, and many others, found a way around that. So, since people keep finding ways around it, Fortnite just decided to ban these skins altogether.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

So, if you were having fun getting those easy kills, so sorry, but that ship has sailed. However, if you were just a fan of the skins in general, you don't have to worry, as the skins should be back soon.

Epic announced that in their upcoming V 15.40 update that they will be fixing the skins so that you can go back to using them without making them all black or white, of course. That's good news for those who are fans of the skins but bad news for those who only wanted them for the easy kills.