Fortnite Only Up Map Code

Check out Fortnite's own Only Up! map.
Check out Fortnite's own Only Up! map. / ArmyUnits

A new Fortnite Only Up! map allows players to test their parkour on a special UEFN island.

Only Up! takes "Jack and the Beanstalk" to new heights as gamers climb to the top of a seemingly never-ending world. The game is frustrating yet addicting, and just when you might finally reach the very top, a fall could halt all your progress. Without any checkpoints, you will be forced to start from the beginning.

Those who have already completed the game or want some different visuals can check out the Fortnite Only Up! map. Created by ARMY in UEFN, the island displays some iconic POIs on the journey into the sky.

Fortnite Only Up Map Code

The Fortnite Only Up map code is 4366-9611-6988. Head over to the Discover tab, type the code into the Island Code section, and begin your climb. The map is easier than the treacherous Only Up! course, but the nostalgia still makes for a fun time.

Along the way, you will parkour through the basketball court from Retail Row, the hanger from Dirty Docks, and the house from Loot Lake. As you climb, you will earn XP that can be used toward reaching page 14 of the Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass.