Fortnite Patch 12.41 Leaked Cosmetics: Full List

Photo courtesy of ShiinaBR
Photo courtesy of ShiinaBR /

Fortnite Patch 12.41 leaked cosmetics were found in the game files by multiple community leakers Tuesday.

The Fortnite community stays on top of new cosmetics coming to the game by digging into the game's files ahead of a new patch. Fortnite Patch 12.41 also includes cosmetics coming alongside the Travis Scott Astronomical in-game event starting Thursday.

Here's everything included in the cosmetics leak from multiple sources including ShiinaBR and Lucas7yoshi.

Fortnite Patch 12.41 Leaked Cosmetics: Full List

Travis Scott Cosmetics per ShiinaBR

  • Travis Scott Skin
  • Astro Jack Skin
  • Cactus Jack Back Bling
  • Astroworld Back Bling
  • Head Banger emote
  • Rage emote
  • Diamond Jack Harvesting Tool
  • Astroworld Cyclone Glider

Fortnite Patch 12.41 Cosmetics per Lucas7yoshi

  • Rue Skin
  • Scarlet Satchel Back Bling
  • Power Cord (Rogue) Skin
  • Six String (Rogue) Back Bling
  • Thorn Harvesting Tool
  • Goosebumps Weapon Wrap
  • Astrowild Loading Screen
  • Cosmic Revolution Loading Screen
  • Astrothunder Loading Screen
  • Astro Antidote Spray
  • Don't Blink Spray

According to leaks, the Travis Scott cosmetics are coming to the Fortnite Item Shop today. The first in-game concert is scheduled to take place Thursday at 7 p.m. ET.