Fortnite Operation Payload: Patch 12.50 Adds Limited Time Mode Similar to Overwatch

Fortnite leaked a new LTM in the new v12.50 update.
Fortnite leaked a new LTM in the new v12.50 update. / Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite added a new payload limited time mode similar to Overwatch in the new 12.50 update. The new game mode is being named "Uranium" and uses the same push the payload and stop the payload as a major competitor, Overwatch, but with teams of eight instead of six.

Fortnite Patch 12.50 Adds Payload Limited Time Mode

The LTM was released as the Chapter 2 Season 2 game mode still following the spy theme. Playing the new game mode earns Tech, which is gear and skills to use in all Spy Games, including this one. Players will earn more Tech by winning rounds or matches and can use it to upgrade themselves. These upgrades will last for the entire season.

The upgrade system makes the mode unique compared to Overwatch. Especially because playable characters in Fortnite can't be split into groups like Overwatch's heroes which are grouped into tanks, damage, and support. The lack of abilities including ultimates in the Fortnite mode also reduce the similarities between the games. Overwatch is strongly shaped by damage abilities unlike Fortnite which only includes abilities like double jump which don't influence the game as much as Overwatch's ultimates.