Fortnite Patch 12.60 Leaked Cosmetics: Every New Cosmetic Leaked

Fortnite Patch v12.60 Leaked Cosmetics
Fortnite Patch v12.60 Leaked Cosmetics / Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Patch 12.60 is out now and of course with any patch comes bug fixes and in-game adjustments, but most importantly, new cosmetics. It seems to be mostly new styles for different skins, but there is one new full set called the Lone Shadow Set that features a new glider, SCAR skin, pickaxe, and skin. A in-game view of the Lone Shadow skin called Renegade Shadow can be seen below.

There are a lot of new style options for the Slurp skins (Slurp Jonesy, Slurp Bandolette, Slurp Leviathan). There are three new SCAR skins and new style options for Siren, Wolf, Bachii, and Recon Expert.

Fortnite Patch v12.60 Leaked Cosmetics

Respected data miner Lucas7yoshi came out with this leaks and also delivered on showing the two new main skins Renegade Shadow and Shimmer Specialist in the selection menu in-game.

Renegade Shadow features both a black and white option with three different styles to choose from. One has the character wearing goggles, one has without, and then one has the googles worn over a fully covering ski mask. The black version of the costume features the shadow logo on the back that has been rumored here to be a part of the next step in the Agency story.

The Shimmer Specialist shows a lot more color and is a lot brighter than the Renegade Shadow. A lot of neon and chrome round out this skin with big purple glasses and blue hair grabbing the player's focus. Fortnite, as usual, has come out with one skin that will have you lurking in the shadows and one that will have you seen from miles away.

There is no information on how much these leaked skins will cost, but the Renegade Shadow skin will most likely be able to be purchased in the Lone Shadow set, so player will have a cheaper option to grab all of those new cosmetics.