Fortnite Patch 14.10 All Leaked Skins

New Marvel Fortnite skins leaked!
New Marvel Fortnite skins leaked! / Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Ahead of the Fortnite Update v14.10, several Marvel skins and cosmetics have been leaked. After their partnership with Marvel, Epic Games have rolled out several Marvel skins including Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor.

Here is what we know about the leaked Fortnite update v14.10 content.

New Fortnite Update v14.10 Skins and Cosmetics Leaked

Besides new skins added to the "Web of Corruption" set, some speculate that the Fantastic Four's Silver Surfer will be added to the rotation of Marvel characters. It is not yet known how this skin can be earned but there is a chance that it could be earned through completing missions.

Along with the Silver Surfer skin, more content has leaked concerning the "Become a Hero" option. Capes, emotes and sprays have all been leaked which allows players to customize at an even higher level.

Fortnite has continued to pave the way for in game partnerships and while they have recently been swamped in legal battles with Apple, Epic Games shows no sign of slowing down. Fortnite is the only battle royale game to have partnerships with major brands allowing for the production of new content for players. Watch the official Fortnite Twitter page for more details concerning the Fortnite update v14.10 as it is set to release very soon.