Fortnite Patch 14.10 Will Focus Heavily on Bug Fixes

Future bug fixes for Fortnite in patch 14.10.
Future bug fixes for Fortnite in patch 14.10. / Photo by Epic Games and Marvel

Fortnite Patch 14.10 has been revealed by Epic Games and focuses heavily on bug fixes. The official Trello board details some known bugs that will be fixed in the next update. Here's what to expect.

Upcoming Fixes to Fortnite: 14.10 Patch Notes Detailed

The first update for Season 4 will go live on Sept. 8. Epic Games is focusing heavily on bug and glitches.

  • Licensed Audio will not be muted/disabled, if this setting is selected, for Radio audio heard outside a vehicle. Entering the vehicle as a passenger or driver should properly disable the audio.
  • The audio from an opponent's Glider is sometimes missing after dropping from the Battle Bus. This can cause you to be unable to hear enemies gliding above you in the early game.
  • Players are unable to consume or throw fish when in the passenger seat of a car.
  • Using the Bifrost Glow Contrail in a match causes a drop in FPS.
  • Supply Drops may sometimes not disappear off the map after being opened, persisting on the map and mini-map.
  • Some players on PlayStation 4 may not see any recorded replays when viewing them in the Career tab.

Most of these issues were present since the start of the season, but none have been hot fixed like with the Stark robots. They're certainly annoying, but none of these were game-breaking.

It's not known at this point what gameplay updates will arrive on Sept. 8, if any.