Fortnite Patch v14.20 Adds Marvel LTM

New Marvel LTM could be introduced in Fortnite Patch v 14.20
New Marvel LTM could be introduced in Fortnite Patch v 14.20 / Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Along with a host of new content, Fortnite Patch v14.20 will introduce a Marvel-themed limited-time mode. The patch notes indicate that this mode will feature hero powers as a part of the gameplay.

Here is what we know so far about the Marvel LTM.

Fortnite Patch 14.20 Marvel LTM

The patch notes indicate the LTM is based on a point system where points can be earned by "capture and holding outposts." Not only will players be fighting to gain control of the outposts, they will be doing so with powers. Players will receive a random "primary" power and from there will be able to complete their loadout with other powers. The additional powers will fall from the sky in the form of comets where players can pick and choose what power they would like.

There have been no further details on how else players can gain points, if they can lose points or any other rules. Fortnite Patch v14.20 releases Sept. 23 and will be available for select platforms excluding any Apple products. Make sure to check the official Fortnite Twitter page for more details regarding the patch and new features.