Fortnite Pipeman: Where to Find the Pipeman for the Weekly Challenge

Fortnite Pipeman needs to be found for the weekly challenges. These Trick Shot challenges involve a lot of dancing at specific locations. One of these locations is the Pipeman, who players must dance in the shadow for one of the challenges

Here is where to find the Pipeman in Fortnite.

Fortnite Pipeman: Where to Find the Pipeman

If you couldn't tell already, the Pipeman isn't an actual living being, but just a statue of a man made of pipes. Pipeman is located to the southeast of Misty Meadows and is hidden behind the snowy mountain in that region.

Simply drop next the Pipeman, choose your favorite dance emote, and celebrate with the gazing metal man as you finish the challenge!

The Pipeman even has a chest located in the middle of his head, so if you manage to dodge all the other players trying to complete the missions, at least you aren't too behind.

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games