Fortnite Player Breaks a Slurp Truck in One Hit

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

We all know Slurp Trucks, and we all know they do not break easily. To break a truck you have to hit it a few times just to do damage, so breaking one isn't the easiest, or quietest, task.

However, thanks to RedditorJedisiri21, we now know how to break it in one hit.

In the video, Jedisiri21shows us exactly how to break a truck in only one hit. All you have to do is hit the exhaust pipe on the truck and boom, the truck is destroyed.

It's really that simple. In the video, he shows himself breaking two trucks just to show proof that it really works. This will be massive in competitive games when players need to rotate quickly and standing out in the open farming a Slurp Truck can be dangerous. Now, one person can smack it in the right spot, and the team will receive sheilds.