Fortnite Players Hopeful for Season 6 DC Crossover After Batman and Fortnite Leak

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite has already announced earlier this month that we would be getting a Fortnite and Batman crossover book. The book would have special codes that could be used in-game to unlock special rewards such as items and skins.

andThis Zero Point crossover is about Batman losing his memory abd landing on the Fortnite map. While on the map, he tries to solve the Zero Point mystery.

On March 9, popular Fortnite leaker "iFireMonkey" leaked the alleged cover and description for the Batman/DC collab with Fortnite.

DC and Fortninte collabs are nothing new, as they have collabed back in Season 10. If these rumors are true then we can expect to see the return of the Dark Knight, and a few of his friends as well.

Adding to the speculation, Fornite leaker "ShiinaBR" leaked a potential Season 6 skin for the collab. However, this skin would be for an enemy of Batman named Deathstroke.

Despite these rumors though, on March 10, a day after leaks of the DC collab, Fortnite tweeted pictures of Marvel skins, including Black Panther and Captain Marvel to name a few heroes.

So as of now, who knows whats going to happen next. But, whatever does happen next we are excited and can't wait!