Fortnite Quiz Creative Code: What is the Code?

Fortnite quiz creative code is 2443-1574-8657. Creative mode and allowing players to try out certain maps with codes has been one of the best additions to Fortnite. The Fortnite communiy has been able to try out fun and difficult maps just like their favorite streamers.

Now, the next popular Fortnite code is all about an in-game Fortnite quiz.

Fortnite Quiz Creative Code

Jag was the first to make this style of game with the map looking like a game of Jeopardy. There are other versions and some of them are good, but Jag made the first one and Epic Games showcased the code on Twitter.

If creative mode isn't your thing, Epic Games partnered with Marvel to bring another Avengers and Fortnite crossover. And that didn't stop there as Thor was seen playing Fortnite in Avengers Endgame. In the scene, Thor's roommate and friend, Korg, is having an unpleasant experience with another player online. Thor hops onto the microphone to join the trash talking session and hurls a few threats towards "NoobMaster69."

Photo courtesy of Epic Games