Fortnite Rare Fish Guide: Become a Pro Fisher in Chapter 2 Season 4

How to catch every rare fish in Fortnite.
How to catch every rare fish in Fortnite. / Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 brings a ton of new fish for you to catch. There's even a separate encyclopedia tab just for fish. Which fish are the rarest? How do you get them? Here's everything you need to know to be a pro fisher in Fortnite.

If you want to be a pro fisher, first you'll need the tools of the trade. A normal fishing rod or harpoon gun won't cut it for these fish. You'll need the Pro Fishing Rod.

Fortnite Rare Fish Guide: Become a Pro Fisher in Chapter 2 Season 4

To get the Pro Fishing Rod, you need to upgrade a normal rod with 100 of each material at an upgrade bench, just as you would a weapon. If you're lucky, you'll also find it as floor loot or in the barrels. The only real difference is that you'll be able to catch rarer fish with the Pro Fishing Rod.

The new fish give you some special effects. Each variety of a type of fish does the same thing, no matter how rare.

  • Flopper - Restore 50 Health
  • Slurp Fish - Restore 50 Health or Shield
  • Spicy Fish - Restore 15 Health, increase movement speed for 45 seconds
  • Hop Flopper - Restore 5 Health, low gravity for a minute
  • Jellyfish - Explodes when thrown for 20 Health or Shield, like a Chug Splash
  • Shield Fish - Restore 50 Shield
  • Thermal Fish - Restore 15 Health, gives thermal vision for a minute

Fortnite Rare Fish Guide: All Fish

Some fish can only be found in certain areas at certain times, but at least one of each fish type can be found anywhere.

  1. Midas Fish (Rumored)
  2. Flopper
  3. Green Flopper
  4. Blue Flopper
  5. Slurp Fish
  6. Yellow Slurpfish - Swamp
  7. Purple Slurpfish - Mountain
  8. Black/Blue Slurpfish - Coastal, Night
  9. White Slurpfish - Swamp, Night, Pro
  10. Molten Spicy Fish
  11. Drift Spicy Fish - Forest
  12. White Spotted Spicy Fish - Mountain
  13. Southern Spicy Fish - Swamp
  14. Sky Blue Spicy Fish - Coastal
  15. Drift Hop Flopper
  16. Coho Hop Flopper - Forest
  17. Atlantic Hop Flopper - Mountain, Pro
  18. Chinhook Hop Flopper - Swamp
  19. Chum Hop Flopper - Coastal
  20. Slurp Jellyfish
  21. Dark Vanguard Jellyfish - Night
  22. Cuddle Jellyfish - Swamp
  23. Peely Jellyfish - Mountain, Pro
  24. Purple Jellyfish - Coastal
  25. Black/Blue Shield Fish
  26. Black Striped Shield Fish - Coastal
  27. Pink Shield Fish - Pro
  28. Green Shield Fish - Forest
  29. Light Blue Shield Fish
  30. Green Thermal Fish - Forest
  31. Silver Thermal Fish - Pro
  32. Raven Thermal Fish - Coastal, Pro
  33. Red/Green Thermal Fish - Forest
  34. Purple/Orange Thermal Fish
  35. Light Blue Small Fry
  36. Tan Small Fry
  37. Purple Top Small Fry
  38. Black Small Fry - Night
  39. Blue Small Fry - Coastal

The Mythic Goldfish is still in the game, though it doesn't count towards the fishing tracker.