Fortnite Refer a Friend 2022: Challenges and Rewards

Courtesy of Epic Games

The Fortnite Refer a Friend program is returning in 2022 with all new challenges and rewards. This information comes as a result of data miners analyzing unreleased information.

This would be the third time that Fortnite implemented the Refer a Friend program, as they first introduced it in October 2021. The second time the program was brought back, it looked identical to the original Refer a Friend model. It's likely that any new instance of this program would probably look similar to its previous iterations.

Fortnite Refer a Friend 2022: Challenges and Rewards

Since the Refer a Friend program in Fortnite hasn't been officially announced to be returning, the exact challenges and rewards are unknown. However, going off the previous iterations of Refer a Friend, we can predict what the new program might look like.

These were the challenges in the previous iteration:

  • Refer 1 to 5 friends
  • Play 1 game with your referee
  • Place top 10 three times with your referee
  • Eliminate 10 opponents with your referee
  • You and your referee must gain 60 account levels from where you were when starting the Refer a Friend program

Additionally, there have been some specific leaks about what might be in the new Refer a Friend program. Here are the challenges speculated by Twitter user and known Fortnite leaker @Flobby_Leaker2:

  • Play 1 Game with your Referred Friend
  • Place Top 10 3 times with your Referred Friend
  • Eliminate 10 Opponents with your Referred Friend
  • Have both accounts gain at least 60 account levels since having started the program

It seems like the new program will be identical to the old one except for the rewards offered. Previously, the rewards were based around the Rainbow Racer whereas now they will be based around Xavier.