Fortnite Revive Grenades Coming to Limited-Time Mode

Fortnite Revive Grenades coming soon
Fortnite Revive Grenades coming soon | Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite will see Revive Grenades coming to the game soon in an upcoming Limited-Time Mode. The new LTM will be called Bodyguard and is part of the v15.50 update. While no release date is yet to be confirmed, it can be expected soon given that the update went live on Tuesday.

Fortnite Revive Grenades Coming to Limited Time Mode

Fortnite's new Revive Grenades will be exclusive to the new Bodyguard LTM. Bodyguard is played in squads where one team member is labeled the "VIP." If the VIP is eliminated, the whole squad is out of the match.

The VIP is an especially vulnerable target given that they are marked on the map for all other players to see. It is up to the other two team members to defend the VIP and be the last squad standing. The VIP is not totally helpless, as they are armed with a Legendary Pistol and a Revive Grenade.

The Revive Grenade is a pivotal item in the Bodyguard LTM. After it is thrown, it explodes on impact with the ground and restores the user's teammates back to full health, even if they have already been eliminated. The Revive Grenade is rechargeable and can be used multiple time's during a squad's run for victory.

The Revive Grenade will arrive to Fortnite in the upcoming Bodyguard Limited Time Mode sometime in the near future. It coincides with the recent v15.50 update.