Fortnite Rocket League POI Incoming

Fortnite Rocket League  POI Incoming
Fortnite Rocket League POI Incoming / Epic Games

Fortnite Rocket League POI incoming as a content crossover is on its way. Rocket League has recently gone free to play, and for celebrating the news Rocket League and Fortnite will have a mini crossover event, leaks have shown. Let's get into what the leaks are.

Fortnite Rocket League POI Incoming

Fortnite info leaker named Sizzy revealed what Rocket League content is coming to Fortnite. The leak shows a room decked out in Rocket League goodies including a poster and a trophy case. Sizzy even leaked a full video showing off the entire room. Sizzy also revealed the Rocket League crossover content should be released on Sept. 26.

Another Fortnite leaker by the name ShookaPA hinted on a Reddit thread that it is likely a Rocket League car is coming to Fortnite, and it's most likely drivable. This is a ton of new content, so look out tomorrow for all of it to go live during the day.

Fortnite is also celebrating the 3rd anniversary. In just three years, Fortnite went from an unknown game to one of the biggest gaming franchises on earth, with some of the biggest crossovers in that time, elevating the status of the game and solidifying it as one of the most successful and popular online games ever.