Fortnite Ruin Skin Confirmed as Week 8 Discovery Skin

Photo courtesy of Epic Games
Photo courtesy of Epic Games /

Fortnite Ruin skin has been confirmed by Epic Games as the Week 8 discovery skin for battle pass owners.

To unlock the skin, players need to finish all the challenges through Week 8, which takes place next week. Fortnite hasn't even released the Week 7 challenges yet, so you still have time.

Fortnite Ruin Skin Confirmed

This is the first discovery skin that was revealed early, but there could be a plausible reason for the decision. Epic Games released a teaser and the data miners and leakers went to work. Most assume that next week’s v8.30 update would have data mined information on the Ruin skin and it would have been made public by the leakers. Epic Games decided to take the initiative and release the skin early.

The other big reveal this past week was the Reboot Van. A new dev update from Epic Games explained teammates will now drop a Reboot Card that can be picked up by other teammates still alive in the party. They can then be brought and used at the Reboot Vans, which can be found at various locations on the map, to bring back fallen teammates.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games