Fortnite’s Season 6 Live Event was Directed by the Russo Brothers

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Season 6 of Fortnite debuted on March 16, and fans were blown away by how amazing the live event was. The event included the intro cut scene that had everything from fights to heartfelt sacrifices. Many fans also agree that this was probably the best season-opening event in the history of Fortnite, and now it all makes sense as to why.

It turns out that the people behind the Avengers hit movies Endgame and Infinity War were also behind the Season 6 live event. The Russo Brothers are two of the biggest Hollywood film directors so them directing this for Fortnite was huge.

However, this wasn’t the first time the brothers have worked with Fortnite. They also played a huge role in the Thanos Fortnite collaboration.

In the roughly three-minute scene, Jones and the Foundation are trying to close the Zero Point. All while this is happening, there are explosions and fights going on all over the map. Eventually, both the Foundation and Jones sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the Fortnite universe. This set up the “primal” theme of the new season perfectly.

The visuals and storyline were perfect, nobody can deny that. Hopefully we continue to get big time Hollywood filmmakers working with Fortnite. Obviously we see how good of a match they can be!