Fortnite Season 3 Cars Have Been Delayed

Fortnite Season 3 cars have been delayed
Fortnite Season 3 cars have been delayed / Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Season 3 brought promise of several new features when it launched on June 17. Among the new additions to the game, Epic Games was set to release at least six new driveable vehicles to the game in a July 21 update. In a recent Tweet, however, Epic has announced that the new cars will be delayed.

The Tweet facetiously states the Fortnite team's lawyers need to fix "typos" in the vehicle's "otter coverage" in order to get them ready for the road. While the update doesn't explain how long the new cars will be delayed, expect the wait to last until mid-August. It seems as though the vehicles will still be released during Season 3 that will end on August 27. This delay is most likely due to the cars needing some more polishing before being released.

According to screenshots from the Season 3 trailer, there appears to be a sports car model, a pickup truck model, and a van model. The style of the other cars is not yet known. It remains to be seen whether or not Epic Games will experience delays to other content. Epic already delayed the launch of Season 3 and the Device Event due to the global pandemic. It's quite possible that Season 4 could also experience delays, however, no such announcement has been made. In the meantime, players can enjoy loads of content released along with Season 3!