Fortnite Season 3 Victory Umbrella: Fortilla Flier Revealed

The only way to get Season 3's victory umbrella is to win a Fortnite Battle Royale.
The only way to get Season 3's victory umbrella is to win a Fortnite Battle Royale. / Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite Season 3 Victory Umbrella is the Fortilla Flier. You can unlock the exclusive umbrella by winning a game in Chapter 2 Season 3.

Fortnite Season 3 Victory Umbrella Revealed

Each season has its own themed umbrella, and getting them is something special because you can't purchase them. The victory umbrellas are special gliders that you can only get from placing first in a game of Battle Royale. You don't even need a Battle Pass to get them, and are one of some of the only cosmetics you can get quickly and for free. This season's victory umbrella is called the Fortilla Flier, the "signature brella of unsinkable drifters."

The Fortilla Flier takes cues from the Water World inspired post-apocalyptic setting, sporting a cobbled-together appearance of various mismatched metal sheets. There's a rainbow painted on on side, and the umbrella has SOS written across it.

The umbrella is named after the Fortilla, the base of operations for the new Battle Pass characters. Collecting victory umbrellas is a source of pride for many Fortnite players, commemorating not only their skill in the game but how long they've been playing.

Fortilla Flier isn't the only umbrella you can get this season. For the first time in the game, Chapter 2 Season 3's Battle Pass will feature a fully customizable umbrella. Like Maya's custom options from last season, you'll unlock parts to use as you progress through challenges this season before finalizing your umbrella's appearance by the end.