All Leaked Skins in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5's many variants.
Fortnite Season 5's many variants. / Photo by Epic Games, via HYPEX

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has yet to officially go live, but leakers have already plundered the updated game files in search of new cosmetics. A collaboration with The Mandalorian headlines the season, but there are plenty of other skins to enjoy.

Fewer skins than usual have been uncovered ahead of the season's start date, but leakers have managed to reveal a few ahead of Epic Games' schedule. The Mandalorian skin is part of a set that includes a Baby Yoda back bling that floats around behind the player, according to Fortnite leaker HYPEX.

HYPEX discovered the Gingerbread Renegade Raider skin, designed by Fortnite fan Fercho, and a Christmas-themed fish skin, indicating the start of the season's festive skins.

Other skins uncovered by data miner VastBlast include the anime-styled Lexa skin, the pancake warrior Mancake, the mysterious cyberpunk ninja Kondor, the Greek gladiator Menace, the tech-focused Reese and the warrior woman Mave. Each skin has received plenty of variants.

HYPEX revealed several emotes coming to the game. Boomin' has the player take out a boombox and dance to the music it plays. Hunter Protocol shows Lexa transform from her base skin to one of her more mech-inspired ones. Vengeful Wish has ghosts raging to escape from the player's body. Mashed Potato is a classic dance emote set to funk. Syrup Slinger shows Mancake spinning a bottle of syrup like a six-shooter, then pouring it on his own head. A Warrior Prepares has the player kneel down, rub sand on their hands, then stand back up. Finally, Sing Along has the player open up a book of Christmas Carols and start singing.