Fortnite Shadow Bomb: Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite Shadow Bomb is a new item expected to arrive in Fortnite sometime this week.

The new Shadow Bomb item was leaked from game files after the arrival of the v8.30 patch in Fortnite. Data miners first found evidence of the item when a challenge was uncovered titled "Use a Shadow Bomb in different matches." Additional audio files were also uncovered, seemingly confirming that the Shadow Bomb would soon appear in the game.

It's unclear right now what exactly the Shadow Bomb item will do once it is introduced to Fortnite. It could possibly be a revamp or retooling of the Shadow Cube items that were introduced in Season 6 of Fortnite but were removed at the start of Season 7.

The Shadow Bomb is expected to arrive in this week's Fortnite patch.

Cover Photo courtesy of Epic Games