Fortnite Sharky Shell: How to Find it

To find Sharky Shell is really simple.
To find Sharky Shell is really simple. / Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Finding the Sharky Shell in Fortnite is really simple. For this Fortnite Week 9 challenge, you must find and fly to the shark shaped rock below. This weekly challenge is pretty easy compared to some of the other challenges players got for Week 8, like driving a car through a rift portal.

To start this challenge, you are going to want to load into a quick battle royale match. Once you have loaded into the pregame lobby and onto the battle bus, place a marker on the small island like structure towards the North of Coral Castle. As you skydive down above the misty waters below, the formation of a huge stone shark head will appear as you get closer.

Fortnite Sharky Shell: How to Find it

Land on the massive shark head shaped rock or around its razor sharp rock teeth, and you will receive a notification either in-game or after you are eliminated from the lobby that you have completed this Week 9 challenge.

Once you have completed that challenge, the fun does not stop there. Fortnite's newest update Fortnitmares brings with it a whole new set of challenges that are Halloween themed. Find the locations of candy, complete the pumpkin hunt, and even find and fly a witches broom. The icing on the cake would have to be the new Blinding Lights emote that Epic Games put in store for a limited time.