Fortnite Sit Out Feature Added in Patch 8.30

Fortnite 8.3 patch notes were released on Wednesday, including a new Buccaneer's Bounty event, a new Reboot Van and a new social feature that might have gone unnoticed in the lengthy list.

Under the General update notes, a new social feature called Sit Out was added.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Sit Out feature.

Fortnite Sit Out Feature

The new Fortnite feature is a bit luxurious. Here's what was outlined regarding the Sit Out feature in the patch notes:

  • Need to take a break but want to stay in contact? Try the new Sit Out feature, available now in Battle Royale and coming soon to Save the World!
  • Use the menu at the top of the Social Panel to change your participation to "Sitting Out" to stay in the party without holding up ready checks or affecting game mode selection. For example, with three players in a party and one Sitting Out, the remaining two can select and queue for a Duos match
  • After your friends launch into the match, you'll still be able to talk tot hem using the Party voice channel
  • When they get back, switch your participation back over to "Playing" to get back in the action!

Sit Out Fortnite: New Feature Lets Players Play on Without Having to Leave Party

The Sitting Out feature simply eliminates the need to leave a party if a player plans on skipping a game or two. The demand for such a feature is up for question, but regardless it's now available for players to utilize as of patch v8.30.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games