Fortnite Skin Vote Revealed for Fortnite Community Choice

The Fortnite skin vote, better known as Fortnite Community Choice, is live in the Fortnite Item Shop. The event allows players to vote for one of three skins being showcased. The skin that gets the most votes by the community within 24 hours will be available in the shop the next day

Fortnite Skin Vote: Everything You Need to Know

The Community Choice vote features three previously leaked skins in Fortnite Patch 11.10 that have yet to be seen in the Fortnite Item Shop until now.

The Bush Ranger skin is a humanoid-tree creature (not unlike Groot), with a leaf covering and a pine-cone bandoleer. The skin would be included in the Woodsy set alongside the Buzzy Bag backbling.

The Rustler skin is a stereotypical Texas gal with a cowboy hat, a crop top, and is strapped with a magazine on her shoulder. The skin would come with the Leather Lugger backbling.

The Wake Rider skin is a man in a motocross helmet and regular wake rider outfit outside that fact he prominently adorns a pistol across his chest. The skin would come with the Wave Fuel backbling.

Regardless of which skin wins the vote, the winning skin will be available on the store on Thursday and cost 1,200 V-bucks. It will be in Rare tier

Photo Courtesy of Epic Games