Fortnite Sneaky Snowman: Where to Find it

Where to Find Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite
Where to Find Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Finding the sneaky snowman in Fortnite is a new challenge in the Snowdown Showdown.

The challenge requires players to hide inside of a snowman camouflage throughout the map. The sneaky snowman can be found in multiple locations that are always changing. Here is a guide to finding these locations and what you need to do in order to complete the challenge.

Where to Find Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite

The sneaky snowman can be difficult to find since it's constantly changing positions. One of the most common areas for the snowman to spawn is at the base camp hotel in Catty Corner. Once you've located a sneaky snowman, interact with it and your character will hide inside it to use as camouflage.

Once you've acquired your new camouflage you'll need to complete the tasks below in order to finish the challenge and collect your reward:

  • Get an elimination from five meters away.
  • Get an elimination while under 50 health.
  • Get an elimination at full health and full shields.
  • Destroy 100 enemy structures with your pickaxe.
  • Deal 100 damage to enemies with your pickaxe.
  • Collect one tomato basket from a farm.
  • Set fire to and dance at a Tomato Shrine near Pizza Pit or a Pizza Food Truck.

Once you've finished all these challenges while wearing the sneaky snowman you'll finish the challenge and be able to claim your reward.

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