Fortnite Streamers Unhappy With New Bot Additions

Fortnite's new marauders have frustrated players
Fortnite's new marauders have frustrated players | Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 launched on July 11 and brought more danger to the map than ever before. The update includes Marauders, a group of NPCs that patrol the map and attack any players they come across. Marauders are different than Fortnite's other renditions of in-game bots because they will actively track and hunt players as opposed to patrolling a specific area.

Many players are frustrated with Epic Games' inclusion of the NPCs because they feel they remove skill expression from the game and make it too random. Players that get targeted by the Marauders--usually through no fault of their own--must fight hard to survive while the rest of the map can loot peacefully. Even if players defeat the gang of bots, they likely have to expend resources to do so and are put at a disadvantage for the rest of the match.

Players such as Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf and Brett 'Dakotaz' Hoffman have expressed their displeasure with the system on stream recently. After being focused by the group of Marauders, Dakotaz expressed his frustration with the developer team at Epic, saying "I’m not even angry, I’m just baffled at how they even think that’s a good thing in the game. Dude, some of these devs are brainless, I’m telling you man.”

Time will tell if Epic Games has to make a change to the NPC system in Fortnite. Since Season 3 is not even a week old, the Marauders will be here to stay for the time being. If the Fortnite community continues their vocal displeasure of the new feature, however, Epic Games could be forced to make a change in the next update.