Fortnite Summer Aura Skin: Does it Exist Yet?

Aura pictured in a cinematic
Aura pictured in a cinematic / Epic Games

Fortnite Summer Aura skin is something many eager Fortnite players are hoping to be able to equip before too long, but has the skin been released yet? Here's everything you need to know:

Fortnite Summer Aura Skin: How to Get

As of the writing of this article, there has been no news from Epic Games on the release of the Summer Aura skin.

Aura is a popular character in Fortnite, and currently has two versions of her skin: the Default, and her Winter Hunter variant. The Default skin was released in May 2019, while the Winter Hunter variation was released in February 2020.

Her default variant was last seen in the Item Shop this past March, so it's likely we could see a Summer Aura variant be available in the Item Shop when it's released.

Additionally, Aura was featured in Reverse2K's Locker Bundle this past May, so there's a chance that when the Summer Aura skin comes out, the skin may be part of a bundle.