Fortnite Summer Legends Pack Arrives In Store

The Fortnite Summer Legends pack includes three skins.
The Fortnite Summer Legends pack includes three skins. | Courtesy of Epic Games

The Fortnite Summer Legends pack arrived in the item shop internationally Tuesday, giving players a deal on several in-game cosmetics including skins and back blings.

The Fortnite bundle includes the Tropical Punch Zoey skin, the Sour Swirl back bling, the Unpeely Skin including additional styles, the Banana Cabana back bling, the Summer Fable skin including additional styles and the Trapper Pack back bling.

The Tropical Punch Zoey skin shows a woman with green and pink hair wearing a shimmering, almost tie-dyed tank top over a purple and pink t-shirt. She also wears white sunglasses and pigtails encased in purple balloons. Her Sour Swirl back bling looks like a piece of pink and purple candy.

The Unpeely skin shows Peely without his banana peel, alternately wearing just green swim trunks and flip flops or orange sunglasses and a straw hat. The Banana Cabana back bling is yellow with a straw basket attached to it.

The Summer Fable skin shows a red-haired woman wearing either a red hoodie and shorts or a black hoodie and tights underneath those shorts.

The whole pack can be purchased for $19.99.