Fortnite Teen Titans Set Revealed

Beast Boy is coming to Fortnite on May 13, with a chance for players to unlock him in the Teen Titans Cup on May 12. | Photo by Fortnite, Epic Games

Fortnite will add another Teen Titans character set as Beast Boy was announced via Twitter and Epic Games' blog post on Monday.

Beast Boy's addition to Fortnite's growing cast of DC Comics characters is in light of Chapter Season 6's primal update as well.

To pair Raven up with her shape-shifting love interest, Beast Boy will be available on May 13, at 8 p.m. ET, but will be available earlier as an unlockable reward for the upcoming "Teen Titans Cup" on May 12.

Fortnite Teen Titans Set Revealed

Players are able to receive a Beast Boy and Raven loading screen, titled BBRae, and spray for participating, and the chance to unlock both the Beast Boy outfit and back bling before it hits the item shop on Thursday.

Beast Boy's set will be equipped with the "Go Ape" emote, which he will turn into a gorilla, a more casual "Garfield Logan Style" outfit, the "Couch Titan" back bling, which will have a smashed pizza box held by green tape and a game controller and a "Beast Bat" pickaxe that can all be purchased individually or as part of the Beast Boy bundle in the item store.

To participate in the Teen Titans Cup, players must have their account at level 30 or above and have two-factor authentication enabled, as per the official rules of the tournament.