Fortnite The Hulk Skin Release Date, Price, Bundle

Epic Games

Fortnite's latest Marvel crossover has arrived — The Hulk. Here's what you need to know.

On a long enough timeline, every IP would get its own Fortnite crossover. We've already seen some unexpected properties become some of Fortnite's biggest successes, such as Dragon Ball and Naruto. But some characters have become part of Fortnite's fabric, namely Marvel heroes.

As we glide ever so gracefully into Fortnite Chapter 4, The Hulk is the next iconic character to hit the battle royale. In Chapter 4's cinematic trailer, we saw The Hulk riding into play on a dirt bike. But news on the big, green guy's appearance has been pretty quiet.

Luckily, thanks to data miners, we know a little bit more ahead of The Hulk's official release.

When Does The Hulk Arrive in Fortnite?

The Hulk is set to release in Fortnite today, Dec. 8, 2022, at 7 p.m. ET. Epic Games has yet to announce the character's arrival, but we'll likely see some news crop up soon.

What Does The Hulk Look Like in Fortnite?

Thanks to data miner ShiinaBR on Twitter, we've gotten a glimpse of The Hulk skin ahead of its official release:

How Much Does The Hulk Cost in Fortnite?

Epic Games has yet to confirm the price for The Hulk skin but, based on previous Marvel cosmetics, we expect the skin to cost 1,500 V-Bucks.

The Hulk will also be available as part of a bundle, looking to cost around 2,600 V-Bucks.