Fortnite Throwback Shows How the Game Used to Look

Fortnite has come a long, long way since it first released its battle royale mode in September 2017. Not only has the map morphed and shifted over the past eight seasons, the level of kooky nonsense all over the game has completely transformed what gameplay looks like.

In a throwback post, Reddit user u/forthefour shared footage of a Fortnite win way back on the first day of Fortnite's battle royale release.

The footage is striking for several reasons. For one, both players use a timid, defensive style, opting to hide behind rocks and trees rather than build aggressively and push one another.

Building in general is nonexistent in the clip, as players were coming to the game with no context for it and no skills yet developed.

The map itself is nothing but green grass and trees, a far cry from the viking villages and volcanoes of today's Fortnite. The relatively spare visual aesthetic extends to the players as well, as no skins had yet become popular.

Even the weapons are simpler, with forthefour picking up the win using a gray burst assault rifle.

It's truly astounding to see how far Fortnite has come.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games