Fortnite Tilted Towers: Old vs New

Tilted Towers is finally back!
Tilted Towers is finally back! / Image courtesy of Epic Games

After nearly 1,000 days of inaction, the undisputed best Fortnite POI of all-time has been revived.

Thanks to the v19.10 update, Tilted Towers has indeed emerged from underneath the snow and ice, as speculated by many in the community. However, now that it's back, is it really as great as it once was? Here's a breakdown of Tilted Towers in Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 1.

Fortnite Tilted Towers: Old vs New

With Tilted Towers, those who know, well, know.

Over the years, we've seen Tilted destroyed, turned into a western town, and even remodeled into a futuristic city.

However, all that did was prove that nothing will top the original, humble setup of the point of interest.

That is why, with this Chapter 3 update, it delights me to say that Tilted Towers is indeed back.

As shown here by @NinjaLavaBoy on Twitter, the fundamental structures of what made Tilted Towers Tilted Towers are all here.

As such, when landing here, it really brings back old memories of the entire lobby fighting to grab any sort of loot and cover, dropped frames and all.

There is just something about the way the buildings are aligned — the verticality, the angles, the material and loot spawns — that's so addicting to fight in.

As of Wednesday morning, Epic even gave in to player feedback and released a hotfix to remove AIs from Tilted, making it yet another step closer to the OG POI.

While the current shotguns may not be all that great compared to the Chapter 1 offerings, Tilted Towers is truly back.