Fortnite Tilted Town: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite Tilted Town is a new area on the Fortnite Season 10 map that fans have been eager to find so far.

This time around, the Tilted Towers area of the map has been sent back in time to when it was just Tilted Town.

Fortnite Tilted Town: Everything you need to know

Tilted Town is reminiscent of an old west town and is also accompanied by the Western Wilds skinset.

The most surprising addition to Fortnite that Tilted Town provides is the wild rule-set that players have to follow when fighting within the town. When in the boundaries of the town, you cannot build or break anything. This is a deep change to the rules of Fortnite because the building and breaking aspects are what made Fortnite different than other games in the genre. This might be exactly the reason they chose to implement these rules. They are nodding to other games that came before them and showing exactly how unique Fortnite is because of building.

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games