Fortnite to Vault Boogie Bombs in Next Update

Courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Games have revealed that the Boogie Bomb will be the next weapon put back in the vault as part of Fortnite's next update.

The Boogie Bomb played a prominent part in Fortnite's previous season. Players could launch the bomb at an opponent, sending them into an involuntary disco dance. The enemy was left vulnerable to attack and unable to defend themselves for a short while. The effect stops after taking damage, but that brief loss of control was often the difference between immediate elimination and a saving grace.

As Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 headed towards its close, the Boogie Bomb was used less and less by players who instead opted for a more direct, shooting approach. Season 4 launched just a few days ago, adding in more weapons and tools to the current loot pool. With the amount that's cluttering up the island right now, its no surprise that Epic will be looking to tidy things up. The Boogie Bomb is the obvious choice here, with the Chrome Splash taking over as the throwable item of choice.

When Does the Boogie Bomb Leave Fortnite?

In a tweet, Epic Games revealed that the Boogie Bomb will be vaulted as part of the upcoming v22.10 game update. At the time of writing, it's unclear when the downtime will be for this new update though it will likely be sometime very soon.

If you've enjoyed using the Boogie Bomb, be sure to get your final uses in before it disappears. Who knows when it'll be back.