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Fortnite Trios Tournament Results

Fortnite Trios Tournament results from the weekend are in — though the event didn't go over without some controversy. The tournament, which was held using an alternate game mode, caught a lot of flack from community members and players. A major bug in the Trios Cash Cup prevented eliminated players from dropping materials, and Epic Games decided to run the event without drops.

There will be a second, one-day long Trios tournament July 21, presumably to make up for the controversy.

Fortnite Trios Tournament Results

The winning teams of this weekend's tournament were revealed on the official Fortnite Competitive Twitter, broken down by region. Each team is getting a chunk of the Cash Cup prize.

Jahlyn, zoreh, and skyla

Riddle Fire, Liberta, and Macyfishy

Kylix, Secret Osmo, and Ares

Ghost Bizzle, Ghost Saf, and NRG Zayt

C9 blackoutz, C9 drakoNz, and MasteerXD

FLY edgey, rehx, and Cented

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games