Fortnite Uniqlo Partnership Has Been Revealed

Fortnite Uniqlo partnership has been revealed. Epic Games has decided to work with the Japanese clothing retailer, Uniqlo, to release apparel related to Fortnite.

The collaboration was announced via the official Fortnite Twitter account just yesterday. Nothing more was written other than "Coming soon." This tweet was made just prior to the Fortnite World Cup Finals, meaning that more information may be released about the partnership during the event.

The picture in the tweet showcases a llama with some text that says "Fortnite + UT." The "UT" most likely means that fans can expect various graphic tees from Uniqlo that are related to Fortnite. Epic Games already offers various Fortnite related merchandise in their own store. The merchandise ranges from clothing products like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, as well as other thing such as key chains, plushies, and figurines.

What might be even more interesting is if the partnership would entail advertising or cosmetics of Uniqlo items into Fortnite. We have yet to hear more about this latest partnership.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

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