Fortnite Update 16.20 Patch Notes Includes New Tires, LTM

Aloy's skin will arrive in Fortnite on April 15.
Aloy's skin will arrive in Fortnite on April 15. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Update 16.20 arrived Tuesday, and it brings new tires, a couple of bows, a new limited-time mode, another DC crossover, and plenty of bug fixes.

Off-Road Tires are the first vehicle modification Epic Games has added to Fortnite.

"Jack up your ride, and forge your own trail with these Chonkers!" reads the in-game description. It's likely these tires will give players better control when driving off-road, but extensive testing has yet to be performed.

A pair of new bows have also been added to the game. The Grappler Bow can be used either to grapple over a long distance or to deal damage to enemies. It deals 89 damage to players and has a reload time of one second. The Splinter Bow, meanwhile, deals 100 damage to players with a 1.3 second reload time.

An LTM apparently called "Lead Alloy" has also been added to the game's files, likely as a tie-in with the in-game release of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. What the mode will entail is unclear, but it appears likely to include bow use.

The Rebirth Harley Quinn will be available to players in Update 16.20, but only if they buy the Zero Point comic book scheduled for release April 20. It's one of a slew of new cosmetics ready for release this patch, including a new Marshmello variant, several Bushranger variants, and more.

Finally, Epic has made several bug fixes, per its official Trello board. Check those out below.

  • Cannot create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite.
  • Code Green Wrap not appearing correctly.
  • Arena playlist issues.
  • Storm visibility is clear when using Performance Mode.
  • Collection Book Character #17 not appearing on the Island.
  • Slurpshrooms and Coconuts temporarily disabled.
  • (Creative) Start with ‘Pickaxe’ Creator setting still spawning with a Pickaxe.
  • (Creative) Vehicles not moving properly in Creative.
  • (Mobile) Cosmetics in Lobby appearing blurry on Nintendo Switch.
  • (Mobile) 3D resolution reset itself even if the player saved the settings.